Underfloor systems

Installing data technology

When installing data and multimedia technology, more space is required for the cable connection and the supply cable. In this case, the floor plate can be removed, either partially or completed, on the universal support. To install individual devices, such as the data technology support, additional mounting bridges must be mounted in the cover plate. The mounting bridges can be ordered separately.

Combining power and data

The universal support means that device combinations of sockets and data technology are easy. In the universal support, the installation area for sockets can be closed offer with a partition to offer touch protection. The floor plate in the data and multimedia technology installation area can be removed to create sufficient space for cable routing.

Inserting a universal support

To create the largest possible amount of free space for the device connectors, the universal support is inserted in the lowest possible locking ladder track. After this, the turn buckle is first pushed towards the locking ladder, then swivelled to the side and engaged. The universal support is then securely fastened in the device installation unit.