Underfloor systems

Varied combination options

The compact Modul 45 devices can be combined at will in the universal support, allowing maximum equipment of a device installation unit. Combinations of sockets, data and multimedia technology and standard installation devices with a 50 mm central plate are possible.

Maximum equipment of Modul 45 devices per device installation unit

Nominal size

Universal support

Modul 45 devices


1x UT3


4 and R4

2x UT3



3x UT3



2x UT3 + 1x UT4


9 and R9

3x UT4


Toolless mounting

Modul 45 devices are simply snapped into the cover plate and connected. The connection cables are fixed according to the standard using the supplied strain reliefs. Finally, the cover plates are placed on the universal support and engaged.

Two circuits with separating retainer

The installation of two circuits in a universal support is made easy through the use of the matching partition. The partition can be positioned according to the device equipment in the universal support. The partition can be ordered separately.