Underfloor systems

The screed-covered solution

The screed-covered heavy-duty solution consists of five system components: The underfloor ducts, underfloor sockets, heavy-duty supports, heavy-duty mounting lids and heavy-duty cassettes. The 2 or 3-compartment underfloor ducts are used for cable routing and can easily be connected to the prepared installation openings of the underfloor sockets. The underfloor sockets allow either access to the routed cables or serve as an installation option for installation devices, such as sockets, data or multimedia technology. The heavy-duty supports and the special heavy-duty mounting lid provide the necessary stability. The heavy-duty cassettes are inserted in the heavy-duty mounting lid, allowing access to the installed installation devices.

Underfloor junction and branch box

The underfloor sockets of the nominal sizes 250 and 350 must have a non-positive connection to the screed, in order to avoid a reduction in the load capacity and damage to the floor covering.