Underfloor systems

Two screed-flush solution variants ‒ one principle

The screed-flush trunking of the OKA system is available in two versions ‒ with a flexible side wall and with a closed floor trough. The two variants can be combined easily. The trunking is mounted directly on the raw concrete. In thin-layered screed, trunking installation for pure cable routing is possible from 40 mm. From a floor height plus floor covering of 55 mm, it is possible to install the service outlets of System 55.

The standard GES service outlet is available for a screed height of 70 mm or more. The height of the trunking system is adjusted to the top edge of the screed, thus offering a drip edge for the subsequent screed work. For this reason, during planning, the agreement of the screed height between units is particularly important.

OKA-G ‒ with flexible side wall

The variant possesses metal mesh side walls. During mounting, the side walls can be adapted easily to match the substrate and units crossing over. Should, for example pipelines cross the path of the duct, they can be easily run through an opening in the mesh.

Height-adjustment range, OKA-G

If there are large evenness tolerances or if the screed height is unknown during renovation work, the OKA-G system can score on account of its large height-adjustment range: From 40 mm to 140 mm or from 40 mm to 240 mm.