Underfloor systems

Laying installation

Module support for vertical device installation
The module support MT45V is designed for the vertical installation of Modul 45 devices and can be used in service outlets and cassettes of nominal size 9 and R9. The module support offers space for a maximum of eight Modul 45 devices and can be equipped flexibly with sockets, data and multimedia technology. The necessary installation depth (floor structure height) is dependent on the device installation unit used and, for a GES9 service outlet, is at least 73 mm.

Large connector types

Connection cables with large connectors (e.g. XLR, DVI) can be installed with the module support, even at low floor structure heights.

Device support GT

The GT device support is designed for the installation of CEE connection units in service outlets and cassettes. Due to the large dimensions of the CEE connection system, a minimum installation depth (floor structure height) of 190 mm is required for installation and use.

CEE installation

CEE sockets can easily be used in rooms with wet-cleaned floors, when they are installed in a tube body cassette or the GRAF9 service outlet. The CEE connector is run through the tube body opening to the device connection. Even if the cable is run out, the installation space is protected against the ingress of moisture.