Underfloor systems

Noise protection

After screed laying, the top frame of the underfloor box can be decoupled from the box base. The frame then floats on the screed plate, without any connection to the raw concrete. The complete decoupling of the top frame of the box and the resulting separation from the concrete means that no noise is transmitted via the duct system and the underfloor boxes.

This means that the noise insulation damping of the floating screed is not impaired by the EÜK system. This has been proven by a noise protection survey of the EÜK system.

Wide support in the screed

The cover of the underfloor socket has a wide aluminium profile, which is positioned in the screed. This gives the entire socket an especially high level of stability, preventing damage to the floor covering.

The stable aluminium profiles at the edge of the socket serve as a drip edge for the screed and permit exact installation.