Underfloor systems

Mounting aid, service outlet, wet-cleaned

Laying the floor covering

Lay the floor covering up to the mounting opening for GRAF9.

Lid closing

A rotary lock closes the lid in the frame. After release (e.g. with a small coin), the lid is raised by spring force and can be opened simply.

Removing the hinged lid

Push the hinge together and lift the lid upwards out of the holder.

Mounting in duct systems

Insert the service outlet into the mounting lid from above and screw it tight. The fastening unit grips under the mounting lid.

Mounting in raised and cavity floor

When used in raised and cavity floors, the universal fixing bracket acts as an expansion claw. Tighten the screw with max. 4 rotations. The claws fasten the service outlet in the mounting opening.

Installation of the hinged cover

Push the hinge together and insert in the holder in the frame.

Lifting, tube body

Press the tube body out from the inside and lock it by turning it left from the top.

Opening of the tube body

Release the tube body cover from the base by pressing the two pressure surfaces at the side and lift it out.

Cable infeed

The consumer cables are inserted through the opened tube body with the opened lid and then connected in the installed connection sockets. Then the lid is pushed down and locked and the tube body cover attached.

Lower the tube body

Lower the tube body cover by pressing the two pressure surfaces at the side, unlock it by turning it to the right and lower it completely.

Device mounting in GB mounting box

Devices are mounted in cover plates and mounting boxes without screws.
Before connecting cables, lock the Modul 45® devices in the cover plate.

Device mounting in MT module support

Devices are mounted in the module support MT4/45 outside the service outlet. After cable connection, insert the module support into the service outlet from above.

Socket mounting in MT module support

When mounting sockets in module supports, always use a protective housing.