Underfloor systems

Mounting aid, GE2

Mounting on the concrete floor

Fasten the installation on the concrete floor.

Adaptation to screed height

For screed heights of greater than 95 mm, create a compensation layer able to accept loads beneath the flush-mount unit.

Connection of the installation pipes

Insert the M25 pipes, immersion to a max. of 5 mm.

Attach the mounting protection lid

Attach the sheet steel mounting protection lid and cover it with a prepared card cover.

Screed work

Lay the screed and work it to the flush-mount unit. Do not use a separating layer.

Opening after screed work

Open the cardboard cover with a knife and remove the mounting protection lid.

Adjustment to the top edge of the finished floor

Adjust the height and lock the height-adjustment screws with locknuts.

Preparation of connection cable socket

Prepare the connection cable for the socket.

Mounting of strain relief

Insert the strain relief before the inserted installation pipe (for socket connection).

Socket mounting in support

Lock the socket in the metal support and connect it. After the connection of the PE cable, bend the metal support through 90°.

Connection of PE cable

Connect the prepared PE cable to the socket.

Fastening the socket support

Insert and fasten the metal support in the UDHome2.